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The Chump Change Variety show is a showcase of diverse talent and
performers from around the United States as well as internationally,
all doing their quirky awesome things! Everything from Circus arts –
Burlesque – Stand up Comedy – music – puppets and so much more! We
have such a great time doing it here in Texas that we’ve decided to
bring it to you!

We shall be touring with a core group of performers:

Mister Hamilton
Based out of Austin, TX. Known as the “Renoir of Blah, blah, blah.”Theater performer for 25 years.
Running his own sideshow and Variety Show for 10 years. He is the creator and Grand Poobah of both “The Invisible Man Corporation” and more recently The “Chump Change Variety Show”. Collaborator for “El Circo Bandito” He has also been running entertainment for The “Horrorhound Weekend” convention for the last 10 years.
Frequently appearing on Television as a bit of color whenever a weirdo  is needed he can be seen on A&E’s “Epic Ink”. The History Channel’s “How The States Got Their Shape”. The Travel Channel’s “Toy Hunter” as well as several independent documentaries and other projects.
He is also a very accomplished visual artist and is well on his way to becoming quite the silver fox.

Eve Calientina (of Los Peligrosa Sideshow, TX) 

Woman Impervious of pain, Human Blockhead, Fire performer and Sultry South of the Border Senorita gracing the stage with sheer bad assery! 


Hell’N Fury (of Pickled Punks Sideshow, CO) 

The Lone Star Lady Of The Swords! Sword Swallower Extraordinaire, Sharp objects are only a
small part of this Grand Dame of the Dangerous’ abilities!

Hell'N Fury


Breaking the barrier between hell and humanity, Salem is the latest creature to be vomited from the depths of Texas’ entertainment scene. Conceived and raised in San Antonio in the early 90s, Salem was groomed and shaped by horror movies, 80s music videos and, of course, tacos.

A performance artist since the age of seven, he is no stranger to the stage, however, is relatively new to the sideshow and burlesque world. Being a pioneer of the bizarre, Salem has caused quite a splash in the ocean of cookie cutter, glamorous, glitter-obsessed performers.
Audiences describe his acts as raw, savagely unique, and macabre; thus Salem strives to inspire everyone to embrace their inner freak.Known for making spectators question their sexual orientation, this spawn of Beelzebub will make that organ between your legs tingle and that lump of matter in your skull wonder.

Salem Bloody

Gaige-Rose Munoz   

If Alice Cooper and Dita Von Teese had a baby, this next performer would most definitely be their love child. This sideshow vixen is based out of San Antonio, TX, where she’s been performing sideshow, burlesque and cabaret. She is also a producer of the San Antonio Burlesque Festival and has been a mover and shaker in her community for over 10 yrs. A versatile artist and entertainer, Gaige has performed at a number of venues around the US. Part glam metal, part vulnerable vixen and part swift kick to the balls. She is constantly trying to push the creative boundaries by fusing the sexy and sadistic. She’s known for her dark style and her unique ability to combine classic burlesque with old sideshow acts. She has also been featured on a number of publications such as Gore Noir Magazine, Pinup Perfection, calendars, book publications and local newspapers. She is constantly working on creating new acts that’ll push the boundaries of the art form and her own physical boundaries for your entertainment.